Dear Owner,
Thank you for the opportunity to introduce Company and the services we offer to a locally owned and operated, full service Rental Company dedicated to providing quality Rental Management Services. We also offer Real Estate Sales it making us a full service Real Estate Company. However, we are not just doing rental management on the side. We are a full-time dedicated professional service. We understand the benefits rental company can offer property owners in this greatly appreciating area of Playa del Carmen.
With over 9 years of sales, real estate, marketing, business management and rental experience, we understand the importance of services and long-term customer relationships.
“We are just simple and friendly people serving friendly people”.
At , Integrity, Honesty, and Professionalism still come first. We may not be the biggest office, but we offer the best personalized service around and we understand how important that is.  Service is our business!

We provide a staff of qualified and committed professionals that will provide you with the very best service including, lodging reservations for vacation rentals, housekeeping, minor maintenance, and other services. The combined efforts of the staff, owners, and guests result in properties that are well rented and maintained year after year thus creating a potentially higher income for you. Promotion and ongoing relationships with guests is the key to a successful rental program. We invest considerable resources to insure that your property is successfully promoted and rented. We have a large internet presence with a great deal of user sessions per month to our websites. We like to keep things simple, user friendly, yet extremely effective while providing guests with enough specific information to gain their interest. This has proven to be very successful!

 offers professional vacation rental management and long-term (full time) rental management throughout the Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya.

A prospective guest is able to access property information and details view the property and thus reserve a particular unit right then directly. This system, coupled with our advertising and marketing reaching prospective guests worldwide, helps us to maximize your property’s exposure. Keep in mind technology is great, but we understand personalized service is essential; we contact guests in person throughout the process and ongoing.

Fees are a fact of life. At  they are kept to a minimum. Our owners pay a rental management percentage on the accommodation revenue they receive. We provide laundering of linens, bar soap, toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags as a starter kit for guests at NO additional charge to you!

 promote and market your rental property through many various sources at no additional fee to our property owners. Our goal is to generate rental income for you by offering quality lodgings. Guests who book with  are assured of comfortable, well decorated, fully equipped and clean accommodations. In order to provide this service, we need the participation and support of you, the property owner. If we work together, we can look forward to increased rental income through satisfied return and referred guests year after year. Additionally, your property value benefits from the high level of care and professionalism we offer.

The Demand for Vacation properties in this area is excellent and our office offers a full-time devoted effort to professional rental management. It is our goal to develop long-term relationships with owners and guests. Although a property will typically receive a good number of rentals in the 1st season, a property typically will reach a very successful level of rental history after 3 full seasons. This is due to ongoing new guests as well as repeat and referral base building up from season to season. After 3 full seasons along with continual feedback from tenants and recommendations from our office to property owners, a property can easily reach maximum potential and rental occupancy. We consistently follow up and stay in touch with guests and build this base on your behalf as part of our services. We will work together to maximize results on a consistent basis.

One way to ensure a quality base of customers for your property is to allow the property to be available by not restricting too many days for rental reservations. One thing about having a place in Playa del Carmen in front of the ocean is you will never have a shortage of friends and family that want to use your property and another benefit of management services is you can inform anyone inquiring about your property that you have us as rental managers and send them to us taking that burden off of you. Of course, a few specific friends and family members you may want to allow to enjoy your property at no charge, however for all those other folks, we can, upon request, offer a “Friends and Family Discount” offering 10-20% off or 1-2 extra night free that allows you to provide something a little extra.
Each unit is required to maintain a minimum inventory, which is outlined in the “Required Inventory”, attached to the Management Agreement. Upon acceptance of the Rental Agreement, the Owner must  with a completely stocked unit according to this inventory. As needed, to maintain this inventory, during the term of the Management Agreement,  will provide, if needed
replacements for the following items and the Owner will be billed:
1. Sheets, Pillowcases
2. Towels, Wash Cloths, Bath Mats
4. Dishes, Silverware, Glassware, Utensils
5. Pot holders, Kitchen Towels
6. Hangers
All linens and kitchen items supplied by  will be of a high quality nature. Sheets and towels will be color coordinated to match your property. Should you want  to make your initial inventory purchases, this and initial assistance in getting your property ready and set up can be arranged at cost, plus a 1- time set up charge depending on the time required to set up your property, an estimate can be provided. We recommend that you secure an “owner closet or storage area to lock up your personal items that you do not wish to be available for guest use”!
The home must be completely set up and ready for guests before being put on the Vacation Rental Program. Once the home is on the Vacation Rental Program, the owner must contact Azul Paraiso Real Estate in writing via email or Postal Service of any bookings for the owner. Please, remember the agreement with Azul Paraiso Real Estate is as Exclusive Agent.

You may contact us any time:



Looking forward to work for you! Thanks!




    Compre un departamento en Playa de carmen , edificio Palmares, el cual me entregan en Agosto y lo deseo dejar para renta vacacional y estoy buscando administrador. Necesito saber los servicios y su costo porfavor


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